Zongshen 212ccm 5-speed e-start motor
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212cc Zongshen Electric start engine 5 speed Manual 

We will say this is a brilliant road going engine, an overall solid feel with a constant pull right through the rev range, a bit like a diesel !

With the 5 speed box and 3 selector forks it’s very positive up and down the gears

What’s in the kit
1 x CDI Easy start 4 pin


1 x complete ignition wiring kit with lights
1 x Kickstarter
1 x Shift lever
1 x Intake manifold With rubber, gasket and bolt kit

1 x PE 28 style carb pre jetted

1 x Extra hard push rod, lighter clutch feel

1 x Up rated selector Pawl


Engine 212cc 4-stroke, 2-valve, horizontal cylinder

Bore and stroke: 66x62

Displacement: 212cc

Max power: 26 / 9500 rpm @ Crank shaft

Roller rockers

Inlet valve 30mm

Exhaust valve 26mm

Stems 5mm

Compression ratio: 11: 1

Max torque: 14Nm / 8000 rpm

Manual 5 speed 1-N-2-3-4-5

6-disc clutch in oil bath

Internal oil filter cartridge

Electric starter / kick starter

Auto de compressor


Engine Dimensions

Standard Honda mountings 155mm centres diagonally measured.

Top mount width 93mm

Bottom Mount width 83mm

To suit 8mm mounting bolts

Overall length of engine 450mm

Overall width of engine 340mm


Please note

Make sure you have set up the clutch adjustment correctly and that you have a lever that will give you enough throw to disengage the 6 plate clutch.

Due to the engine runs 20/50 oil there is a lot of drag on the plates and the up rated selector paul makes the gear selection stiff, this dose get better with use and with heat in the oil..

We don’t recommend using the kick start, there is a risk that kicking in the wrong place it will kick back and damage the output shaft.

Kick start gear’s or output shafts are not covered by the parts warranty as it down to rider error if this fail



Make sure you have a heavy negative cable from the battery to the engine block, if you don’t this will result in melting the lighter weight wiring.


Must run 20/50 - Summer & 10/40 - Winter Mineral oil only

Exhaust must be a minimum bore of 25mm up to 30mm with no restrictions; restrictions will cause the engine to bog down and over heat.

Engine should be fitted by a professional for safety and that there are minor wiring conversions to be done with ignition and charging.

All engines are covered by parts only “excluding kick start component” warranty, not labour see terms and conditions before buying.

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